How to Delete PhonePe History

PhonePe is a popular digital payment platform that allows users to make a wide range of transactions, including money transfers, bill payments, and online shopping. While using the app, your transaction history can accumulate over time.

If you’re looking to maintain your privacy or simply want to declutter your transaction history, deleting your PhonePe history is a straightforward process.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to clear your transaction history on PhonePe.

How to Delete PhonePe History (Step-by-Step)

Follow these steps to delete your transaction history on the PhonePe app

  1. Open the PhonePe App

    Launch the PhonePe app on your smartphone. Ensure that you are logged in to your account.

  2. Navigate to “My Account”

    Look for the “My Account” option, usually located in the bottom navigation bar. Tap on it to proceed.

  3. Select “Transaction History”

    Within the “My Account” section, you will find various options. Look for “Transaction History” and tap on it to access your transaction records.

  4. View Transactions

    You will see a list of your recent transactions. Find the transactions you want to delete from your history.

  5. Delete Transactions

    For each transaction you want to remove, there should be an option or icon (often represented by three dots) beside the transaction details. Tap on this icon to reveal a menu.

  6. Choose “Delete”

    From the menu, select the “Delete” option. You might be prompted to confirm the deletion. Confirm your decision.

  7. Repeat as Needed

    Repeat the process for each transaction you want to remove from your history.

  8. Refresh Transaction History

    After deleting the transactions, refresh the transaction history page to ensure that the deleted entries are no longer visible.

By following these steps, you can easily remove individual transactions from your PhonePe history. This can help keep your transaction records organized and protect your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to Delete PhonePe History

Can I delete all my transaction history at once?

Currently, PhonePe doesn’t offer an option to delete all transactions in one go. You’ll need to delete transactions individually.

Will deleting transaction history affect my account or transaction accuracy?

No, deleting your transaction history will not affect your account or transaction accuracy. Your account details and balance will remain unaffected by deleting individual transaction records.

Can the recipient still see the transaction I deleted from my history?

Yes, the recipient of the transaction will still see the transaction in their history. Deleting the transaction from your history only removes it from your view.

Can I recover a transaction I deleted by mistake?

No, once you delete a transaction on PhonePe, it cannot be recovered. Make sure to double-check before confirming the deletion.

How often should I clear my transaction history?

The frequency of clearing your transaction history depends on your personal preference. If you want to maintain a clutter-free history, you can periodically delete transactions you no longer need.


Deleting transaction history on PhonePe is a simple process that can help you manage your records and maintain your privacy.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily remove specific transactions from your history. Remember that while deleting transactions cleans up your history, it doesn’t affect your account balance or transaction accuracy.

If you have any more questions, consult the FAQs for additional information.


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