NFL World Bothered By Cris Collinsworth Sunday Night

The Washington Commanders will host the New York Giants tonight on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Mike Tillico and Chris Collinsworth

Mike Tillico and Chris Collinsworth are on NBC. Not surprisingly,

Fans Social Media

fans have taken to his social media to reflect on what Collinsworth said.

Brian Robinson

"Chris Collinsworth: The kids who shot Brian Robinson... what were they thinking?


what is your problem? What is your address? which school do you go to


Mike Tirik: aaa and Heinecke can't connect with his 4 down on Samuel," he tweeted one fan.

Gun Violence in DC

"I'm so glad Chris Collinsworth was cut from his work before he started talking about gun violence in DC," added one fan.

Curtis Samuel

"Chris Collinsworth gets poetic about how the Giants defense hit Curtis Samuel he 1) headed him 2) from behind him 3) before the ball got there." added one fan. 


Collinsworth is criticized basically every Sunday night, so that's nothing new.

Beats Giants

On Sunday night, the commander beats the Giants 17-9. The second half will air on NBC.